About Us

MTech Locks was born out of a desire to unify hotel RFID solutions into a more manageable and supported experience. Founders Ken and Tony seek to work with clients to share over 40 years of business knowledge and find new and innovative approaches to service the Western Canadian hospitality industry.

MTech has based its reputation on providing the best quality products and services by standing behind our commitment to outstanding customer service and above industry support with complete extended warranty options.

As the authorized western Canadian partner of Be-Tech Security, MTech Locks can provide an end to end solution that is completely supported and continually updated.

Our Mission

To sell and support secure electronic RFID hotel locking systems in the Canadian hospitality industry. MTech Locks is dedicated to creating supported solutions for its clients to meet their requirements and needs in our unique northern climate.


Meet our Team

Tony Martinez

Founding Principal

Ken Minogue

Founding Principal