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Managed Solutions

To ensure and protect your long term investment in your RFID products, MTech provides industry leading coverage and support of our products.Our team will provide a full support program to successfully manage your installation.

Key Cards

Our experienced professionals create and design your guest cards through a collaborative approach. By providing customized cards that can be subsidized through specific marketing plans, we can assist in cutting long term costs associated with key card purchases.


Whether it is a new build or a retro/renovation project, our team will strive to assist you through a smooth transition from your initial contact with us to completed installation. Our experienced team is happy to assist third party vendors to upgrading hotel infrastructure on retro/renovation projects.

Customer Service

We understand that selecting and implementing our RFID products is the first step to ensuring a successful long term installation. By continually striving to provide the most efficient and accurate support possible this ensures the least amount of disruption to your hotel operations.

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