Hotel Access Control



Door Control Unit

Product Description:

  • The Be-Tech Door Control Unit is the perfect solution to provide access control on common doors, such as parking barriers, health centers, gym room, conference room, staff entrances, guest night entrances and more, our Door Control Unit is fully compatible with Be-Tech electronic locking systems and provides better guest experience for your hotels.


  • Modern reader design in matte black colour.
  • Compatible with twins-reader mounting on passage door both side (optional).
  • Inward 'Door Exit' switch is available for simple "Touch and Go" for hotel guests.
  • Compatible with BIS Hotel and BIS Locker systems.
  • Backup battery power supply is available to make sure Door Control Unit working properly during unstable power supply (only for the door control unit model MJM)


Technical data:

Each complete unit, supplied individually packed, consists of: generic adipex

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Model MJM: adult card games

  1. Door Control Unit with reader.
  2. Relay box with backup power supply battery.
  3. External Power supply.
  4. Inward "Door Exit" switch. Additional parts:

  1. Electronic drop bolt lock.
  2. Electronic magnet lock.

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Dimension - MJM model: norgestimate and ethinyl estradiol tablets reviews Height: 91 mm / 3,58 inch

Width: 104 mm / 4,09 inch

Depth: 39 mm / 1,54 inch

Dimension - 2700M model:

Height: 153 mm / 6,02 inch

Width: 78 mm / 3,07 inch

Depth: 22 mm / 0,87 inch


Electrical Specifications:

DCU Model MJM -
Supply Voltage 18VDC -
Supply Current 6A -
Load current, output 1 Max. 3A @ 12VDC Resistive load
Load current, output 2 Max. 3A @ 12VDC Resistive load
Backup Power Rechargeable battery -
  • (capacity : 7000mAh)


Cable with different country specification plug must be ordered in addition if needed.


RFID Elevrfid-elevator-controller_bigimg_2ator Controller

Product Description:

  • Be-Tech's RFID Elevator Controller is designed to fit into elevator panels and
    operated off line, it fully compatible with BIS Hotel, and will enhance the
    security level for the hotel, as only guest with valid keycard will have authority
    to the elevators and permitted rooms.




  • Modern and flat design reader, less drilling work on elevator panel.
  • Available to limit access to floors according to each guest and staff
    keycard's authority.
  • 8 relay outputs board with extendable feature, suitable for the high-rise hotel.
  • Selectively to limit access to floors or limit to elevator's button panel.
  • Fully compatible with BIS Hotel

Technical data:

  • Floors
  • Relay boards
  • Max. current
  • Max. voltage
  • Relay box
  • 1~8
  • 1 Piece
  • 1A
  • 30V DC
  • \
  • 9~16
  • 2 Piece
  • 1A
  • 30V DC
  • 1 unit
  • 17~24
  • 3 Piece
  • 1A
  • 30V DC
  • 1 unit
  • 25~32
  • 4 Piece
  • 1A
  • 30V DC
  • 1 unit

Each relay board contains 8 relays.

Each relay box can install 4 piece relay boards.

  • Dimension(H x W x D):
  • RFID reader:
  • 90 x 55 x 8,5 (mm)
  • 3,54 x 2,17 x 0,33 (inch)
  • Relay box:
  • 370 x 230 x 72 (mm)
  • 14,57 x 9,06 x 2,83 (inch)

Each complete unit, supplied individually packed, consists of:

  • RFID reader with front control case
  • Relay board
  • Dust proof cover
  • 1.5m three-core cable
  • 4m six-core cable
  • Relay box in black steel (*)
  • 5m three-core cable (*)
  • 16m six-core cable (*)
    (*) only for the elevators with more than 8 floors.
    Additional relay boards must be ordered in addition if needed.

RFID Elevator Controller Datasheet