Front Desk Solutions

MTech Locks has selected Lenovo as an exclusive partner to provide our clients with innovative Front Desk Solutions that are engineered and designed to work with our BIS key management software as well as all other hotel programs such as Point of Sale and Property Management Systems.  As with MTech full coverage warranties, Lenovo is proud to provide 24/7 coverage with up to  3 year extended warranty on  business products, ensuring you systems are supported  and running smoothly.  Some of Lenovo’s innovative product line-up includes;

  - Laptops - High performance laptops and convertibles for home, work, and play.

 -  Desktops - Sleek all-in-ones, high performance towers and space-saving tiny desktops for home and business.

  - Tablets - Windows tablets enhanced for a high productivity and multimedia experience.

 - Accessories - From monitors to docks, keyboards and mice to graphics, software and everything in between.

For information please visit, www.lenovo.comlenovo-all-in-one-desktop-b750-front-keyboard-mouse-1 lenovo-thinkpad-t460s-desktop